The circus on the Fontanka river opened in 1877, became the first stone circus in Russia, and nowadays is the only circus preserved from the 19th century.

The initiator of the construction of the stationary building was Gaetano Ciniselli - Italian citizen, the head of a large circus family, a rider and a horse trainer who made a big name in Europe. The architect of the building was Vasily Kenel.

The building of the Cinizelli Circus very soon became one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg and took the position of the primary entertainment company. On the arena, you could see all the world's novelties, both repertory and technical.

In 1928 in the premises of the Leningrad Circus the world's first Museum of Circus and Variety was opened, later the Museum of Circus Art, whose extensive collection reflects the history of the native and foreign circus.

For great creative merit in 1939, the Leningrad Circus was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and in 1977, in connection with the 100th anniversary, the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

In its history, the Circus has undergone many changes both outside and inside. In the middle of the XX century in the auditorium, the disappearance of the tsar's lodge became a noticeable loss. The facade also lost its decor, obeying the trends of the times. In 1959, the capital reconstruction of the building began, and by 1963 the total area increased by 2,000 m². Nevertheless, the decor of the facial and side facades was finally destroyed.

The revival of the Cinizelli Circus began in 2003 with the restoration of the facade, and in 2013 the circus was closed for major repairs.

Two years later, on December 15, 2015, the circus doors opened again for the audience. The restored pre-revolutionary decoration of the interiors impresses with its beauty and chic.

Circus Ciniselli takes on the magnificent arena the best programs of the Russian and world circus of art and at the same time carefully preserves traditions and history.

Scheme of a circus
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor

The entrance to the circus is through three doors:

The central entrance from Belinsky Square (the stalls and loges from 1 to 8 levels);
Right side entrance from embankment of the Fontanka River (tiered stalls from 9 to 16 levels);
Left side entrance from Ingenernaya Street (tiered stalls from 9 to 16 levels).

For comfortable staying in the Saint-Petersburg circus there are one crush bar on the 1st floor (right side) and two ones on the 2nd floor (right and left side)

There is a special area on the 1st floor (left side) for keeping baby strollers during the performance.

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