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Books circus art


1. “Circus art in postage impressions”

The album shows postage stamps, envelopes, subject postcards dedicated to circus art, as well as posters and photographs from the funds of the world’s first museum of circus art under the Bolshoi Saint-Petersburg circus.

The album is in the Russian and English languages and is issued for professionals, fans of circus art and stamp collectors. It was published in Saint-Petersburg by the publishing house “Baltic seasons” in 2008 (240 pages, the format 180x125 mm)


1. “ A picture drawn to the point …" (G. P. Gaponov).

2. Postage stamps.

3. Illustrated first-day envelopes. One-sided postcards with original stamps. Illustrated envelopes with original stamps.

4. Stamped and illustrated envelopes

The price of the book - 600 rubles.



2. “Saint-Petersburg circus. 130 years”.

The booklet is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the first stone building of the permanent circus in Russia The text accompanied by illustrations tells about the history of the circus appearance in the capital of Russia, about circus figures and circus actors who performed on the arena of the Saint-Petersburg – Leningrad – Saint-Petersburg circus over the period of 1877-2007.

The materials are given by the Museum of circus art under the Saint-Petersburg circus. The booklet is published in the Russian and English languages. The design, make-up, printing: A.V. Goutnik, I. V. Goutnik. Published in 2007, 72 pages, the format 235x330mm.

The price of the booklet – 350 rubles.



3.  The booklet is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the world’s first Museum of ciurcus art that was founded at the Leningrad circus in 1928



The booklet tells about the birth (August 8, 1928) and activity (up to August 2008) of the world’s first museum of circus art. The publication introduces the reader to the founder of the Museum and its materials based on which investigators, historians, students, journalists, producers, actors and artists create their works. The following funds are described and illustrated: the library, photograph and video collection, the funds of paintings, graphic works, sculpture and plastic arts. Presented are costumes and circus properties, posters, programmes, advertising and souvenir products, the archive and manuscript departments. The exhibition activity pursued by the Museum from the first year of its existence is also described. The booklet is published in the Russian and English languages, it is designed by A. V. Dzyak and published by the publishing house “Baltic seasons” in 2008 (108 pages, the format 190x190mm).

You can buy the books in our Museum, from ticket collectors before shows start.

The circus box office is open from 10:00 to 21:00 daily

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