«The Adventures of an Italian in Russia»

September 21


Buzinova Tatyana Alekseevna

June 17, 2018, St. Petersburg

Today we had 4.5 and 6 years old with three children on show. Everyone looked not stopped, laughed surprised! I liked everything and everything, starting with my uncle, who played at the circus cheerful and fervent and to the last number! Thanks for the gift of emotions! We sat on the 7th row of 1, 2 and 3 seats, just class, but from other places I think it is perfectly clear and in some cases the artists involved the most distant ranks.


June 17, 2018, St. Petersburg

In the circus since childhood was not 15-20 years old, 16.06 was with the child. I got a terrific experience. Artists fellows, created incredible, simply impossible, beautiful design, costumes, everything is sparkling. I will look forward to the next show with impatience. At the exit she heard the womans opinion that she was upset by the circus, that this is for toddlers. Strongly disagree with this, the show seriously enough, no nonsense. But the clowns made to laugh the whole hall, not only children, very cool guys.

Karina Seryogina

June 16, 2018, St. Petersburg

Good evening. Today went all the family on the Iceberg show! We wanted to express admiration, delight! Everyone liked it! The children did not look away! Especially from animals) is the best show program! Light, sound, figure skaters, acrobats, all at the highest level! Thank you all for your introduction!

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How to get to the circus

191023, Russia, St. Petersburg, embankment of the Fontanka River, 3A.

Address of the circus

191023, Russia, St. Petersburg, embankment of the Fontanka River, 3A.

Opening hours

from 10:00 to 21:00 without break and weekends

Telephone Numbers

+7 (812) 570-51-98,
+7 (812) 570-52-66,
+7 (812) 570-52-60 (reception)


Walking distance from metro stations:
  • Metro station "GostinyDvor" > small Sadovaya street > Manezhnaya square > Karavannaya street (800 m / 10-15 min.);
  • Metro station"GostinyDvor" > Sadovaya street > Engineering street (770 m / 10-15 min.);
  • Mayakovskaya metro station > Nevsky Prospect > Fontanka River embankment (odd side) (1.4 km / 30 min.);
  • Metro station"Chernyshevskaya" > Kirochnaya Street > Liteiny Prospect > Belinskogo Street (2 km / 45 min.)
By car:

Dear spectators, pay attention, parking in front of the circus, in Belinsky Square, are prohibited. Evacuator works and might take your car. Be aware.
Private vehicles can be parked for free: on the Engineering Street, the Fontanka River embankment (odd side), or on the paid side: the embankment of the Fontanka River (even side), Belinsky Street, Mokhovaya Street.

By public transport:

On a fixed-route taxi: "K107", "K289" stop at the corner of the Engineering and Maple streets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can take pictures in the circus. In the auditorium you can take pictures without a flash.
In the near future a loyalty program will be launched, watch the news!
Sale of tickets in real-time mode is carried out on the Circus website. The sale of tickets on the circus site stops on the day of the presentation, 3 hours before the show.
To attend the event the ticket must be printedeasy-to-be-read by the scanning device. In case of copying forms of e-tickets the access to the event will be opened only with the ticket that was presented first.
The spectator can purchase tickets for Circus events in one of the following ways:

• at the Circus ticket offices – you can pay for tickets in cash or by bank card;
• on the official website of the Circus - you can pay by bank card;
• from official distributors.
Refunds and exchanges are subject to tickets purchased only at the ticket office,on the official website of the Circus, in a special department, as well as from official distributors.

Ticket return on the initiative of the Spectator including the tickets return because of the Spectators fault is made no later than 1 (One) day prior to the event. After the specified time tickets are not accepted, money is not refunded.

In cases of replacement, cancellation or postponement of an event the cost of tickets is to be refunded in full. At the same time tickets are accepted in the following terms:

• when replacing an event - from the moment of the official notification about the replacement of the event to the commencement of the replacement event;
• when the event is postponed - from the moment of the official notification about the shift of the event but not later than one day before the beginning of the shifted event;

In case of cancellation of an event - from the moment of the official notification on cancellation of an event but not later than 10 days from the day of the canceled event specified in the ticket.

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